Thursday news summary

COVID-19 update

More than 9,500 people were tested positive on Wednesday, October 14th. This number is around 1,200 higher than the number of people infected on Tuesday, and it is also the highest number of people infected so far.

On Tuesday, October 13th, almost 31,000 people were tested in total, which is the highest number of people tested within one day. A quarter of these people were tested positive on Tuesday.

Uherské Hradiště district is the place which is the most affected by COVID-19 in Czechia. There are more than 600 people infected per 100,000 people in average. In Prague, there are more than 400 people infected per 100,000 people in average.

Self-reporting project started on Tuesday, October 13th. People, who are tested positive, can fill part of their personal information online, instead of the hygienic stations filling that information. This should help the hygienic stations to fasten their work. Since Tuesday, around 8,000 people have received the online form to fill in, and around 2,000 of the people have filled that form.

All the people in Czechia received an SMS asking them to install e-Rouška app during this week. The state asked the phone operators to send the SMS to the people. The purpose was to support using of the e-Rouška app. See more about the e-Rouška app HERE. Before the messages were sent to people, around 10,000 people installed e-Rouška per day. After this SMS was sent on Tuesday, around 180,000 people installed the app in the same day.


Water level in the rivers has been rising rapidly in many places in Czechia since Wednesday evening. Due to the heavy rain, the drivers might have issues on D1 Highway and other highways. The firefighters have helped at more 1,200 places. The river level is slowly dropping in eastern Bohemia. Morava remains heavily affected by the rain.

Waterways Directorate to sue administrators of National Park

Waterways Directorate is planning on extending the recreational cruises services on the Labe River. New piers and docks should be built in several places of the Labe River.

The Administration of České Švýcarsko National Park asked the Waterways Directorate for evaluation of the effect that building of the pier in Hřensko would have on the environment. The Waterways Directorate has sued the National Park, andsaid the evaluation would prolong the project and make it more expensive.