Thursday news summary

In restaurants, a sign could replace the test check

Instead of checking for negative tests for coronavirus, it might be enough to post a sign in restaurants that only guests who meet the conditions set by the Ministry of Health will be served. Thus, the responsibility would not fall on the restaurant owners, but on the customers instead. Representatives of gastronomy agreed this today with the chief hygienist Pavla Svrčinová.

Tens of thousands of foreigners in the Czech Republic cannot receive the vaccine

Some foreigners living in the Czech Republic are not entitled to vaccination against Covid-19 because they pay for commercial insurance. The problem affects tens of thousands of people who find themselves outside the system. So far only those who have public health insurance - either Czech or from European Union countries - can get the vaccine in the Czech Republic.

Two-fifths of people consider the state's anti-epidemic measures to be appropriate

State measures against the spread of coronavirus are considered appropriate by 43 percent of people. According to more than a third, restrictions are insufficient and 13 percent of citizens perceive them as exaggerated. The results of the April survey of the Center for Public Opinion Research show that, compared to February, the evaluation of the measures has not changed significantly. However, it remains significantly worse than last December, when 61 percent of respondents considered government measures appropriate.

The Prague Spring Festival started exceptionally in front of the audience

The Prague Spring Festival was traditionally opened today in the Smetana Hall of the Municipal House in Prague by Má Vlast (My Fatherland) by Bedřich Smetana. Spectators were allowed to be present in the concert hall, because the concert is part of a pilot project of the Ministry of Culture, which is to show the way for the audience to return to cultural events. The state will probably allow a limited participation of spectators in internal cultural events from the 24th of May. Last year, due to measures against the spread of coronavirus, it was held only online. Find the program of the Festival HERE.