Thursday news summary

Czech Republic moves to the third level of the PES

Czechs are moving to the third level of the anti-epidemic risk score today. Thanks to this, all shops, restaurants or service establishments will open and they can partially restore the operation of museums or zoos, for example. You can read more about it HERE. All the measures that are coming into effect today can be found in this table made by the Ministry of Health.

Czech Embassy office will open in Jerusalem

A branch of the Czech Embassy in Tel Aviv will be established in Jerusalem, Israel. This is the second highest level in the hierarchy of diplomatic missions, Rudolf Jindrák, the director of the Foreign Department of Prague Castle, told. Foreign ministers Tomáš Petříček (ČSSD) and Gabi Aškenazi discussed the establishment of the office yesterday, the Czech minister said on Twitter. This is not the establishment of a new embassy, but the new office will offer services for citizens of the Czech Republic, the ministry emphasized.

The Bečva River poisoning among todays topics of the parliament

Chamber of Deputies will return today to the debate on Bečva poisoning, due to which opposition leaders call for the resignation of the Minister of the Environment Richard Brabec (ANO). Brabec has refused to resign. Deputies discussed Bečva's September poisoning in September in mid-November, without conclusion. The chemical company Deza, which belongs to the Agrofert group from the trust funds of the Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO), was mentioned again.

The ecological accident affected Bečva pod Valašským Meziříčí up to Přerov. The culprit of the accident has not yet been identified. Fishermen took over 40 tons of fish to the rendering plant. Another three leaks of foreign matter followed in the next weeks, the last on Wednesday.

Snow in Czechia

It started to snow in the Czech Republic last night, and in many places it made traffic a bit more complicated and caused dozens of accidents. According to the police, the reason was often not adapting the driving to the condition of the road, but most of the accidents occurred without serious injuries. According to meteorologists, it should snow in the eastern half of the country all day.