More people have been infected by ticks this year

As of the end of May, the number of people infected by any of the two diseases - Tick-borne encephalitis and borreliosis - almost doubled compared to last year. The biggest numbers are in the regions of Vysočina, Jihočeský and Jihomoravský - according to the State Health Institute.

The number of patients usually rises in the summer when people spend more time in nature. But from the beginning of the year until the end of May, fifty people were diagnosed with encephalitis - last year it was 33. Also, the number of people infected with borreliosis has more than doubled.

Ticks used to live only near forrests and fields, now they are also in parks and gardens, experts say. People can be vaccinated only against encephalitis. The disease causes headaches, fever, and muscle and joint aches. If not treated, the disease can progress to inflammatory damage to the meninges.

There has been no vaccination against borreliosis yet. Antibiotics are used to stop the progress of the disease. Successful treatment depends on early diagnosis. Tiredness and fever are the first symptoms. In the second phase the disease attacks joints, nerve system and can also harm the heart.