Tuesday Brief Update

COVID-19 update

Over one thousand people were tested positive on Monday. It was a third day in a row when there was less than two thousand people infected. There were also less people tested in total, so the lower number does not have to mean the COVID-19 situation got better over the longer weekend.

Emergency State will be established for the Czech Republic probably on Monday, the 5th of October. The Government will have a meeting on Tuesday, September 29th, where the details will be discussed.

Germany has added the last two Czech regions on the list of the risky areas, so whole the Czech Republic is a risky country for the Germany. Prague is no longer the area with the highest number of people infected in the Czech Republic. A district of Vysočina region became the area with the highest number of people tested positive.

According to the Minister of Health, there might be new restrictions related to the free time activities soon. He is planning on putting a limit of ten or twenty people at one place. Further information will follow.

Mikuláš Minář leaving his movement and becoming a politician

Mikuláš Minář, the head of the Milion Chvilek (Million Moments for Democracy) movement has resigned. He wants to leave the movement, so that he could participate in the elections to the Chamber of Deputies next year.

The movement has been organising demonstrations against the Prime Minister and criticising the political situation in the Czech Republic. Benjamin Roll, the new leader of the movement said that the movement will never participate in any elections, because it is a movement organised by the citizens.

Fishermen will get help after the Bečva river got poisoned

After Bečva river in the border of Zlínský and Olomoucký regions got poisoned by cyanide, tens of tons of fish died. The source of the poison has been found during the investigation of the Criminal Police. The sink that the poison was coming from is used by more companies, and the investigation regarding which company the cyanide leaked from is ongoing.

The amount of the fish that died is big and it is going to affect the fish production in the area. The Minister of Agriculture informed, that the fishermen will receive a help to solve this issue. The situation of the river got better after the strong

rain in the end of the last week, because the poison has been diluted.