Tuesday Morning News

Covid-19 update

The number of people tested positive has exceeded one thousand again. More than one hundred people are in serious condition. The map of the risk levels shows, that almost three times more districts are orange (=starting community transmission). Only Prague is red on this map (raising or high level of spreading of the infection between the population). No district is white (zero or very low risk of infection) anymore on this map.

Prime Minister apologized

The Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) confessed that he might have not taken the situation regarding coronavirus seriously enough after the summer. He had a public speech on Monday evening. He said that it is now important to ensure that call centres, testing places and laboratories are working well and to make sure there will be enough hospital beds for the people. The opposition leaders claim that Andrej Babiš is trying to fix the situation before the elections which are taking place in the beginning of October.

University in Pardubice closed from Thursday

Distance learning will start in the University of Pardubice from Thursday. According to the current information, it should only last until the end of October. There is also new restriction in three of the districts in Pardubický region. People have to wear a mask at the outdoor events with more than 100 people.

Tonnes of fish killed by unknown substance

Unknown substance leaked into the Bečva River on Sunday. The river is located on the border of Zlínský and Olomoucký region. Tonnes of fish died and the the poisoning is ongoing. According to the authorities, people should avoid going into the river, and they should also not allow their dogs to do so. Environmental protection authorities are currently dealing with the accident.