Tuesday news summary

COVID update Number of people tested positive on Monday, October 5th, was over three thousand. Over twenty people died from COVID-19 on Sunday, which is the highest number of people dead during one day so far. High schools in Liberecký region will start distant learning from Wednesday. The present learning continues on high schools in all the other regions. Minister of Health, Roman Prymula (independent/ANO) is going to announce a long-term plan of the restrictions, which will start to be valid in the future depending on how the situation develops. Petr Šnajdárek, the head of the Smart Quarantine project said, that there will be some changes in the Smart Quarantine, after he was infected and went through the disease. The Government approved using of 150 million crowns for buying three million vaccines against the COVID-19. The vaccines were ordered by the Government from the EU, and first part of the vaccines should arrive before the end of this year. The Minister of Health asked hotels in Prague to provide rooms for the patients, who are not in serious condition, but who for some reason cannot go back home. However, Prague hospitals still have approximately three hundred unused beds. Roman Prymula (independent/ANO), the Minister of Health, wrote an open letter to the doctors. In the letter, he was talking about that one half of Czech people is afraid of COVID-19, and the other half does not take the virus seriously enough. He has also appreciated the hard work the people working in the hospitals are doing.

Prymula admitted a side income Roman Prymula (independent/ANO), the Minister of Health, was asked regarding one million crowns in his property declaration by Seznam Zprávy. He hasn't provided any proper explanation yet and there is written „other source“ next to the item in the property declaration.

Minář is attending the elections the next year Mikuláš Minář has confirmed he is planning on attending the elections to Chamber of Deputies with his new project the next year. He was happy about the number of people who went to vote, which was higher then the last time. He is planning to win the next elections together with the oposition. He is going to provide more information regarding his plans in a few weeks. Mikuláš Minář founded the movement Milion chvilek pro demokracii (=Million moments for democracy) in 2017, when ANO party won the elections for the second time. This movement has been criticising the Government and organising demonstrations. Pavel Zeman wants to fight for human rights Attorney General, Pavel Zeman is going to apply for a function of the judge in the European Court of Human Rights. This court hears cases of human rights violation. The commission will select three candidates from the Czech Republic based on an interview. In the end, one of the three Czech candidates will be chosen by Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.