Tuesday news summary

Czechs are irresponsible, Bavaria states

Germany fears the spread of more aggressive coronavirus mutations although the situation in the country has been improving. The general secretary of the Bavarian CSU, Markus Blume, wants stricter controls at the border with the Czech Republic. According to him, Czechs behave irresponsibly, therefore, closing the border with the Czech Republic should not be taboo. "The biggest threat does not come from a hairdresser but from behind the borders," said Blume.

A hundred calls a day on senior telephone lines

Telephone lines for seniors currently have to handle up to a hundred calls a day. Seniors most often try to get information about coronavirus vaccination. According to volunteers on the lines, the oldest people are often desperate and afraid that they will not be vaccinated. Some volunteers have already undergone psychological training on the phones.

The National Sports Agency under audit

The functioning of the National Sports Agency is checked by auditors. It is headed by Milan Hnilička, who took part in a celebration at the Teplice Hotel in January, despite restrictions. Due to a breach of the measures, Hnilička resigned as a Member of Parliament for ANO, but remained the chairman of the agency. At the end of January, he removed the vice-presidents of the NSA. According to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO), the audit should be completed within a few weeks.

Covid update

On Monday, tests in the Czech Republic confirmed 7,663 new cases of coronavirus infection, which is 463 more than a week earlier. The index of the anti-epidemic system (PES) remains at 71 points and continues to remain in the fourth degree of risk, but the restrictions still correspond to the strictest fifth degree. However, due to the full capacities of some hospitals in the Czech Republic, no change is planned yet.