Tuesday news summary

Survey shows many employers have been violating anti-covid rules

One-fifth of employees have experience that their employer or supervisor has violated anti-Covid-19 measures. Every seventh stated that his employer or superior called for a violation of the rules in testing and tracing the infected person's contacts. On the contrary, two-fifths of employees described the responsible approach of companies, more than a fifth tested their employees before the introduction of this obligation. This emerges from a survey of the Life during a Pandemic project.

Gender equality supported by a government strategy project

The government approved a strategy for equality between women and men until 2030. The Cabinet reported on its website. The document contains, among other things, measures to promote a balanced representation of men and women in politics, to reduce the income gap, to expand kindergartens or part-time work.

The Czech Republic has been criticised from international and European institutions and domestic organizations for its small share of women in decision-making, the large gender pay gap, the low employment rate of mothers of young children and the lack of kindergartens. In the rankings of equality, the republic falls. In the equality index of the World Economic Forum, the Czechia finished 78th out of 153 countries.

Death of the first after-war minister of foreign affairs still unclear

Criminalists have postponed the case of Jan Masaryk's death; they have not been able to clarify the circumstances of the tragic event even after 73 years. On Friday, the 5th of March, the Office for the Documentation and Investigation of the Crimes of Communism closed the investigation without reaching a clear conclusion as to whether it was a murder, suicide or an unfortunate accident. IROZHLAS.cz found out. The first post-war foreign minister died on the night of the 10th of March, 1948, after falling from the window of his service apartment in the Černín Palace. The Office reopened the case in the autumn of 2019. More about the diplomat can be found HERE.

The number of newly infected people is slowing down

The number of patients with Covid-19 in serious condition in the Czech Republic rose to 1,789 on Monday, which is the most in the entire epidemic. The number of vacant hospital beds remains low. Only 14 percent of ICU beds and 24 percent of standard oxygen beds were vacant throughout the country this morning. THowever, the reproductive number dropped below 1, indicating a slowdown in the epidemic. The number indicates how many other people get infected by the one who was tested positive.