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More than a million Czechs have received their first dose of vaccine

So far, more than a million people in the Czech Republic have received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and 371,235 people have both the necessary doses. Since the end of December, when vaccination began in the country, medics have administered a total of almost 1.38 million doses, with at least one dose vaccinating exactly 1,007,422 people by Monday night. Approximately 10.7 million people live in the Czech Republic.

Covid update

On Monday, tests showed 8,167 cases of Covid-19, 2,500 less than a week ago. This is the second time since mid-February that the number has dropped below ten thousand on weekdays. The point score of the PES epidemic system also headed lower again - from 68 to 64 points, but it still remains in the second highest of the five risk levels.

Measures to be loosened at the end of April

The loosening of the strictest measures could take place at the end of April. At that time, there could be around three thousand people in hospitals, of which about five hundred were in intensive care units. The Ministry of Health considers these numbers to be the goal it currently wants to achieve in the fight against the epidemic. We wrote more about this HERE.

For example, the return of children to school will depend on the number of people in hospitals. Minister of Health Jan Blatný (for ANO) identified it as a priority today after the government meeting. However, according to him, the Czechs should count on certain further restrictions for months to come.

Child obesity increases due to closed schools

Online teaching has become a common part of the lives of schoolchildren who rush to the monitor screen every morning instead of to school. But while most subjects acquired some distance form, physical education was postponed by many schools.

Dalibor Pastucha, a pediatrist and physical education doctor working at the ReFit Clinic in Olomouc, sees a big problem in this. "It's mainly for children who are obese. For them, physical education at school and active transport on the way to school, such as walking or cycling, are often the only movement. These are children who do not go to sports clubs and do not spend time actively," he explains.

Czech Nature Photo nominees

All pictures courtesy of czechphoto.org

For 26 years, Czech Photo o.p.s has been organizing the prestigious Czech Press Photo journalism competition, which brings together the best Czech and Slovak photographers, who bring visual testimonies about events around the world every year. Since 2017, there has been also Czech Nature Photo competition. It is intended for both professional and advanced amateur photographers. In 2021, the competition will enter its jubilee - fifth year. 267 authors entered the competition and submitted 2,300 photographs. The winners of the individual categories will be announced on May 4 at a solemn ceremony in the Czech Photo Center gallery.

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