Tuesday news summary

Covid update

On Monday, 1,405 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 were detected. This is the smallest daily increase since the beginning of December. So far, 27,169 people have died in the country from the new coronavirus infection. This follows from the data of the Ministry of Health.

The plan to return children to school, published last week by the Ministry of Health and Education, will be discussed by the government at today's meeting. Ministers will also look at another form of action against Covid-19 in the aftermath of an emergency state that ends next Sunday.

Freezing cold Easter holidays

While a week ago there were almost summer temperatures in the Czech Republic, with the end of Easter the winter weather returned. It snowed in many places, even in the lowlands. Some roads, for example in western Bohemia, were icy this morning with remnants of freshly fallen snow. However, a sharp change in the weather did not cause major complications in traffic or serious accidents.

Theatres request the opening date

Theatres in the Czech Republic had to close due to a pandemic last spring, and they have been closed again since last autumn. Theatre managers and actors request estimate date how long they will have to play only for empty halls. So far, they are looking forward to summer and rehearsing the premieres postponed to autumn. The current restrictions affected some stages more, others less, for example, the Slovácko Theater had to fire some of tis actors. The Ministry of Culture is still preparing a plan for releasing the measures in culture, but theaters will probably not be among the first to open.