Tuesday news summary

The explosion of the ammunition warehouse was not an act of terrorism, says Babiš

The explosion in Vrbětice in the Zlín region was not an act of state terrorism, it was an attack on the goods of a Bulgarian businessman, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) told reporters after the government meeting yesterday. At the same time, he described the activities of agents of the Russian intelligence service GRU in the Czech Republic as unacceptable. More about tis case can be found HERE.

Covid update and a plan to relax measures

The number of new Covid-19 cases in the Czech Republic on Monday slowed down again by more than a tenth to 3,301 infections compared to the previous week. However, the number of vaccinated people decreased as well - by about a tenth, from almost 62,000 in the previous Monday to 55,085. This follows from current data on the website of the Ministry of Health.

Due to the improving situation with the coronavirus pandemic, the government has agreed to return other pupils to school, and kindergartens will be fully opened in at least two regions. On Thursday, the cabinet wants to introduce a system for easing restrictions in trade and services. The government has also extended the Antivirus grant program until the end of May. People in quarantine or isolation could receive a sickness bonus by the end of June.

"High Treason" sign lit up on the Prague Castle

The light inscription "Velezrada", which appeared on the building of Prague Castle tonight, the police are dealing with as a possible offense. When asked by ČTK, Jan Rybanský, a spokesman for the Prague police, stated this. The call for Parliament to file a constitutional lawsuit against high treason against President Miloš Zeman was published last night by Stop the High Treason. At the same time, she published a photograph with an inscription projected on the Castle.

Prague will change cost of public transport tickets

In Prague a ticket for public transport for 30 minutes will increase in price from CZK 24 to CZK 30 and a 90-minute ticket from CZK 32 to 40 from the 1st of August. SMS tickets will also become more expensive, in the case of a 30-minute pass from CZK 24 to 31 and a 90-minute pass from CZK 32 to 42. The prices of monthly and annual coupons will not change.