Tuesday news summary

Covid update

On Monday, there were 10,273 new cases of infected people. It is the highest Monday number since the beginning of the pandemic in March. At Tuesday's extraordinary session, the government will probably ask the Chamber of Deputies for consent to extend the state of emergency. Already on Monday, the government decided to further tighten measures. All the new measures are HERE.

The graph presented by the government shows the potential scenario with the red line and the yellow line shows the maximum capacity of hospital beds. According to this prognosis, the capacity will be filled on the 6th of November.

Decision about schools to be made today

According to the Minister of Education Robert Plaga (ANO), the government should decide on the further situation of schools on Tuesday. According to the original plans, pupils from at least the first grade of primary schools should return to their classes next week. Plaga admitted that the situation was not good. The chairman of the Central Crisis Staff, Jan Hamáček (CSSD), has already announced that the schools will very likely remain closed for a few more weeks.

Ventilators from NATO

The army sent a CASA plane to Italy for 60 lung ventilators on Tuesday morning. It will be transported to the Czech Republic from the stocks of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO). Due to the growing number of hospitalized people with covid-19, the Czech Republic has been purchasing hundreds of new fans in recent days. At the same time, it receives dozens of devices as humanitarian aid.