Tuesday news summary

Covid update and new measures

On Monday, there were 3,572 more infected people in the Czech Republic, which is about 800 less than last week. Less people are hospitalized as well. The risk index of the anti-epidemic system PES remains at 57 points on Tuesday, which means third level of the PES anti-epidemic system. New rules will come into effect on Thursday. More information can be found HERE. The official website also provides information for different life situations and it can be found HERE.

Online shopping of highway tickets should have been working from today but it's not

The purchase of electronic motorway stamps for next year via the edalnice.cz online shop has not been working since the morning. The operation of the e-shop is to be launched during today, some details are still being fine-tuned, Martin Opatrný, a spokesman for the state-owned company Cendis, which operates the system, told.

From today, drivers can buy new electronic motorway stamps also at post offices and Euro Oil petrol stations. The tickets will be connected to the vehicle's registration plate. The types and prices of stamps remain the same for next year, the annual stamp costs CZK 1,500, the monthly CZK 440 and the ten-day CZK 310. There are also benefits for eco-friendly cars. A novelty is the possibility to freely set the date of the beginning of their validity, up to 90 days in advance. In addition, annual stamps will now work for 365 days, regardless of the calendar year.

Period products may be cheaper

The Minister of Finance Alena Schillerová (for ANO) will propose a reduction in value added tax (VAT) on period products. The pads, according to the proposal, should be moved from the basic VAT rate of 21 percent to the second reduced rate of ten percent. This rate now applies, for example, to medicines or baby food. The ministry estimates the cost of reducing VAT for period products at 300 million crowns. The Ministry informed about it today in a press release.