Tuesday news summary

New measures

Starting on the 18th of December, Czechia will return to level four of the anti-epidemic PES system - but shops and services will remain open. The fourth degree of the PES system means among other things closed bars, restaurants or hotels (for recreational purposes). Restaurants will be allowed to open take-out windows. The government also decided to change the rule banning purchasing any beverages to go - people will be able to buy non-alcoholic drinks from now on. More information can be found in our article.

The government will again request the extension of the emergency state

The government will again ask the Chamber of Deputies on the 22nd of December to extend the state of emergency, said the Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO). Deputies extended the state of emergency until the 23rd of December, while the government demanded its extension until the 11th of January.

First vaccines could arrive at the end of this year

According to the Czech Vaccinological Society (ČVS), there could be 9,750 doses of Covid-19 vaccine on the 28th of December, half in Prague and Brno. ČVS expects the substance from Pfizer to be approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for the European Union on the 21st of December. The company informed about it on its Facebook page.