Two PCR tests a month for free?

Chief Hygienist Pavla Svrčinová suggests that the state pay each citizen two PCR or antigen tests per month during the summer holidays. From the beginning of July, the price of the PCR test for self-payers should also fall to approximately 640 crowns.

So far, health insurance companies pay for full antigen tests every three days and the hygienist wants to reduce the frequency to two per month, either antigen or PCR.

The cost of PCR tests should also be reduced. At present, the price of PCR tests for self-payers is usually around 1500 crowns and for the antigen test people pay 300 to 400 crowns on average.

Currently, a negative test is one of the ways to prove health. Other options are confirmation of 14 days from the completion of vaccination or 90 days from infection. According to a statement from the minister last week, this period is considered to double. For some services or events, confirmation that a person has taken the test at school or work is sufficient. See our table to know what rules are currently in place.