Uncertainty of working conditions

31% of employees do not know what regime they will work in after the summer holidays. Only 9% will fully work from home.

26% will work partially from home. Another 12% would like to have this option. The data comes from a July survey of the Hays company among 600 employees in the Czech Republic.

Even amid the pandemic, people are willing to change jobs. According to the survey, for 40%, a new job is currently a necessity, another 55% would consider changing their job. Only 5% refuse to switch jobs at the moment - most of them fear that they may lose their job during the probationary period.

For more than half (55%) of the people, the impacts of the pandemic on the labor market are no reason to change their salary expectations. On the contrary, 34% of respondents expect a higher wage, while only 11% reduced their demands.