Unique protected landscape area celebrates 40 years

One of the most diverse natural areas in the world - Bílé Karpaty (White Carpathians) - covers the territory of the Hodonín, Uherské Hradiště and Zlín regions and as a protected landscape area, it was established on 3rd of November 1980.

The impressive diversity of animal species, blooming meadows with colorful orchids, dense forests and scattered villages are typical of the landscape of the White Carpathians. It is one of the most diverse natural areas, thanks to centuries of traditional human cultivation. Preserving the unique space and averting the threat of insensitive agriculture began 40 years ago with the declaration of a protected landscape area.

Prior to the declaration, the landscape was threatened by increasing the productivity of agricultural production at all costs. The thousands of hectares of meadows that have been preserved and on which orchids, snowdrops, lilies and other rare plants bloom every year belong to the richest species-rich plant communities in the world. However, the White Carpathians have another face, which consists of extensive forests, mainly in the north of the protected area.