Vaccine reservation system by mid-January

Czech hospitals have received a second delivery of Covid-19 vaccines - reservation system for the public to be launched in mid-January.

Originally, the Czech Republic was to receive a delivery of 19,500 doses on Monday or Tuesday. According to the manufacturer Pfizer/BioNTech, the delay was caused by logistics problems.

The Ministry of Health has allowed to get an extra dose from Pfizer vaccine vials as each contains a reserve amount. Under normal rules, five doses can be drawn from each container - but it is possible to obtain a sixth or sometimes even a seventh. From this delivery, it will be thus possible to vaccinate up to 23,400 people.

Right now, health professionals and hospital patients are among the first to be vaccinated. The public will be able to book their jab in mid-January when a reservation system will be launched. It should prioritize seniors and chronically ill.