Voting when in quarantine

Today, parliamentary parties are supposed to comment on four voting options for those in quarantine during the October elections.

In October, Czechia will hold elections to regional councils and for one-third of the Senate. The Ministry of the Interior initially refused to allow people in quarantine to vote.

After criticism, the ministry suggested four options: drive-thru voting, voting through a representative, forming special electoral commissions equipped with PPE that could visit quarantined people, and establishing special polling stations - for example in Covid-19 affected nursing homes.

It is already certain that the parties will not agree on voting through a representative. Voting from the car has the greatest support. Representatives of the parties will discuss the amended proposal again tomorrow.

The rule that quarantined people cannot vote has been in place since 1995 for senate elections and since 2000 for regional elections. However, according to some politicians, it was formulated for individuals and did not take into account the possibility that entire municipalities or regions could be in quarantine.