Waiting for a tram?

Are you in Prague and want to see if your tram is running on time? Real-time data about trams' locations is now available in several apps.

In October, Prague has launched a new web app that showed accurate locations of all public transport buses in or near the city - now, trams have been added. In the future, information about trains should also be available.

The map isn't in English but is easy to navigate. You can find your bus or tram either manually on the map or by typing its number in the search bar in the lower left corner.

If it appears on the map in a green circle, it is running on time. Orange means a delay of three to six minutes, red a delay of seven minutes or more.

You can also click the individual circles to get more information about the vehicle, such as if it is low-floor, air-conditioned, or if it accepts cards.

Tram location data has now also been added to the Prague Public Transport Company website, the idos.cz app or the Lítačka app.