Water more precious than gold?

Czech soil is the driest in 500 years. This fact has not changed even after recent heavy raining and local floods. According to experts, the main problem is inability to keep water in nature.

Some villages have already had to reduce water usage and there is not enough water in many wells either. Experts say that the reason is that Czech landscape is not various enough. Wide and long fields with the same plant with no trees or ways cannot hold the water in the soil.

The map from intersucho.cz shows the level of drought. The deeper the measure the drier the soil is as the right bottom map shows.

Lack of water causes problems not only to people. Hundreds of fish died in the area of Brno because of low levels of water. Lack of water is not even only Czech problem. Whole world has been dealing with it for a couple of years. Huge factor of drought is climate change. Global warming causes rise of temperatures and then causes drought.

Some experts even claim that water will be the most expensive and precious "product" in the future - more valuable than gold or any other precious metal.