Wednesday brief follow-up

New restrictions are coming up with the new Minister of Health. Universities have closed and the country is getting ready for the election. Wednesday news summary is here.

Covid-19 update

Over two thousand people were tested positive on Tuesday, September 22nd. Bars will close at 10pm from Thursday, September 24th. According to the Minister of Health, this restriction should be valid for two weeks and cancelled then, if the corona situation will get better.

Limit of two thousand people might be set for the sport events soon.

Universities closed

University of Ostrava has been added to the list of the universities which started distant learning this week. People in Ostrava also have to wear masks at the events with more than hundred people.

Rectors of the Universities have been criticizing the government for making the restrictions valid without a previous discussion with them. This is the reason students are planning protests in October.

Regional and Senate elections

Both Regional and Senate elections will take place on Friday and Saturday, October 2nd and3rd.

In the Senate elections, a third of the Senators will be changed by the newly elected ones. In the Regional elections, it will be decided, who is going to lead the councils of each of the regions. The way people are going to vote is going to be customized according to the covid-19 situation.