Wednesday news summary

COVID-19 update

Almost 4,500 were tested positive on Tuesday, October 6th. More than 850 people were infected in Prague in the same day. The virus is spreading the most in the district of Uherskohradišťsko, where the average is 380 people infected per 100,000 people living in the district. On Tuesday, October 6th, 13 people died in Czechia, the total number is now nearly 800.

The number of people infected from the beginning of the epidemic in March is over 90,000. More than half of the people have been cured, and over 40,000 people are still infected. Czech Republic is now the country with the highest percent of people tested positive of all the EU states. There were more than 10% people tested positive in the first half of September.

Romania has put the Czech Republic on the list of risky countries starting from Wednesday, October 7th. People traveling from Czechia to Romania need to go to quarantine for two weeks.

Palackého University in Olomouc is going to start distant learning on Monday, October 12th. Some of the hospitals started to limit the non-acute medical care. The urgent care works as usual. There is enough of the protective equipment, according to the head of state material reserves, Pavel Švagr.

Self-reporting should start Friday, October 9th. The self-reporting should help tracing of the people who were tested positive. The hygienic stations do not manage to contact all the infected people in time. The self-reporting means that people tested for COVID-19 would fill their basic information in an online form, so the hygienic stations do not have to spend the time doing it. The hygienic stations would then fill the additional information related to COVID-19.

Prymula explained his side income

Explanation was missing next to one of the items in the property declaration of the Minister of Health, Roman Prymula (independent/ANO). The item was one million crowns, and the description of the source of the money was ''other.'' Televize Seznam asked Prymula regarding this item with an unclear source, and he has given the explanation. Roman Prymula earned the money from his business in solar industry.


PPF Group is allowed to buy the media group CME. The owner of PPF group is the richest Czech person, Petr Kellner. One of the parts of CME media groupis TV Nova. The value of the transaction is around 48 billion Czech crowns (2.1 billion dollars), and should be done in October of this year. The transaction was approved by the European Commission.

Night of the Literature 2020

There is an event related to the literature taking place tonight, October 7th. The event is called Night of the Literature 2020. There will be 20 Czech authors readings parts of 20 books on 20 different places. Romanian and Ukrainian literature will be also involved this year. The event is taking place for example in Prague Vršovice or in Vinohrady. Find more information HERE.