Wednesday news summary

Covid update

The score of anti-epidemic system PES has risen from 70 to 73 points after three days of stagnation. However, it remains in the fourth level out of five. The reason for the deterioration of the index is the increase in the reproduction number, which indicates how many people on average get infected by one who tests positive.

President Miloš Zeman will be vaccinated against coronavirus on Wednesday. Zeman has repeatedly supported the vaccination, considering it the only way to defeat the coronavirus pandemic. Initially, he wanted to wait for a single-dose vaccine, but in the end, on the advice of the people around him, he decided to get vaccinated now. The application of the vaccine will be private.

Jan Palach died to wake up the society 52 years ago

Jan Palach died of self-immolation 52 years ago. His painful death by burning himself in an effort to save Czechoslovakia from the Soviet occupation provoked an emotional response in the world. In the following years, monuments were erected in Italy, Britain and Switzerland. Luxembourg and cities in France and the Netherlands named the squares and streets after him. The Czechoslovak communist regime forbade memories of him.

A seven hundred meter long chain of candles in the centre of Zlín City commemorated the 52nd anniversary of Jan Palach's death yesterday. This year, for the fifth year in a row, the Happening was prepared by the Živý Zlín cultural agency, which is an organizational unit of the city. Measures against the coronavirus epidemic did not allow the event to be organized as in previous years, but it was important for the organizers to prepare at least a small rememberance act this year as well.

Traffic problems may occur due to weather

Meteorologists warn of icing and strong winds. The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) issued a warning, that icing may form in Moravia, Vysočina and the Liberec, Hradec Králové, Pardubice and South Bohemian regions, which can lead to traffic problems on untreated roads. There should also be a strong wind in the Frýdlant region.