Wednesday news summary

Other health professionals can now apply for vaccination, regions don't have enough vaccines

So far, over 207,000 people in the Czech Republic have received coronavirus vaccination; on Monday, the rate of vaccination dropped from more than 14,000 doses given daily on the working days to almost 10,000. Over half of the doses already applied were received by healthcare professionals. From Tuesday, doctors or nurses who have not yet received the vaccine can apply for vaccination through the central reservation system.

Interest in respirators is growing

Interest in respirators has increased in the Czech Republic. They are currently more desirable than disposable masks. The government has been talking about wearing FFP2 respirators in public transport for several days. The reason is the spread of the British variant of coronavirus. According to pharmacists, there are still enough respirators in shops now.

More Czechs drink alcohol during the pandemic

More Czechs drink excessive amounts of alcohol regularly during the pandemic, according to a study by Petr Winkler's team from the National Institute of Mental Health. According to experts, measures related to the pandemic and economic uncertainty have created a situation of chronic stress. There has been an increase in anxiety disorders, depression and an increased risk of suicidal behavior. According to the study, the number of people who drank regularly every week and more often overdoses of alcohol increased by 60 percent. To change this habit, there is a new campaign called Suchej Únor ("Dry February").

Czech musician Aneta Langerová one of the nominees for the Album of the Year Award

In the 11th edition of the Album of the Year Award, there are 25 nominees from all corners of Europe. According to IMPALA, "nominees include a wide range of genres and artists, from Finnish pop to French electronic music, via Balkans’ ska, Danish blues and the eclectic music style of the UK’s nominee. The shortlist represents an impressive advert for the European independent music sector and the creativity of Europe’s artists." Among the artists, there is also a Czech nominee, Aneta Langerová, with her album Dvě slunce ("Two Suns")