Wednesday news summary

A third of suburban trains stopped by snow

One third of the electric units of City Elephant suburban trains have not been functioning in Prague and its surroundings since the morning. Transport organizer Ropid stated on Twitter that the cause was the penetration of powder snow into the electrical installation. Some lines connecting the capital with the Central Bohemian Region have been canceled or reduced, others are delayed. Other breakdowns and train delays are also caused by frozen switches.

"British" strain in 60 percent of tests in the Trutnov Region

At the beginning of January, the British strain of coronavirus was present in the Trutnov region in more than 60 percent of the examined samples, and in the Náchod region in 45 percent. In Prague, the mutation occurred in less than a tenth of samples. This was stated in the report by the State Institute of Public Health (SZÚ). The new mutation is 30 to 70 percent more contagious, a shorter time than the previously mentioned 15 minutes is enough for the infection.

Šarlatán shortlisted for the Oscar Award

The film The Charlatan directed by Agnieszka Holland, which the Czech Republic sent to bid for the Oscar Award, was shortlisted for the prestigious film award of the American Academy of Film Arts and Sciences. However, the success of the academics was not recorded by the Slovak candidate, ie the Peter Bebjak Report. Both dramas based on real destinies were created with the help of Czech Television. The last time Czech Republic was awarded with Oscar Award for a foreign language film was Kolja in 1997.

Covid update

Laboratories in the Czech Republic detected 10,165 new cases of coronavirus on Tuesday, about a thousand more than a week ago. For the first time since the 13th of January, the daily increase exceeded the ten thousand mark. The PES risk score remains at 71 points. Compared to Tuesday, all four monitored criteria of the epidemic have decreased. The reproduction number decreased to 1.02.