Wednesday news summary

Over 12 thousand new cases of Covid-19 confirmed on Tuesday

On Tuesday, there were 12,486 new confirmed cases, which has been the highest increase since the 8th of January. The number of covid patients in severe condition has also been growing, approaching the maximum from November. The directors of hospitals in the Hradec Králové Region call for the use of common sense and adherence to measures against the spread of the disease. The bed capacity of medical facilities in the region is almost full. Measures against the coronavirus epidemic and the pandemic law will be discussed again by the government and opposition parties on Wednesday evening.

The police is intervening again at the Football Association headquarters

The police are again intervening at the headquarters of the Football Association of the Czech Republic (FACR) in Strahov, Prague. Information from several media was confirmed by FACR spokesman Michal Jurman. According to him, the association hands over all requested documentation to criminal investigators. According to the Seznam Zprávy server, there is a suspicion that the association managed the funds uneconomically. Criminalists intervened at the association's headquarters last autumn, when the case of alleged corruption and influencing the results around the former vice-president of the FACR, Roman Berbr, started.

The Czech Republic mined the least coal since 1965 last year

Last year, the Czech Republic mined the least coal since 1965. This follows from the current statistics of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. According to the Ministry, the production of hard coal decreased by almost 38 percent to 2.1 million tons compared to 2019. According to analysts, the long-term trend continues, which was partly accentuated by the effects of the pandemic. Coal usage is one of the main sources of greenhouse gases causing climate change.

The philosopher Jan Sokol has died

The philosopher and former politician Jan Sokol has died at the age of 84. He was one of the most prominent Czech Christian intellectuals; he participated in the ecumenical translation of the Bible into Czech language, was one of the first signatories of Charter 77, in the 1990s he also stood at the birth of the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University. After November 1989, he appeared in politics, sat in the Federal Assembly, was the Minister of Education in the Tošovský government and a candidate for president.