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Covid update and vaccination

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Czech Republic again exceeded ten thousand. On Tuesday, tests revealed 10,883 infected, which is about 3,100 less than last week. Chronic ill patients can start registering for vaccination from Wednesday, preferably via codes from specialists. They can be assigned, for example, by cardiologists, oncologists, diabetologists or pulmonary physicians.

The Covid-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson will not arrive in April

The Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine will not arrive in the Czech Republic in April as originally planned, said the Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) in the radio interview. "Unfortunately, we won't get it in April, it won't be anywhere, not even CureVac. We'll get Pfizer / BioNTech, Modern, AstraZeneca. But it has reduced the number of deliveries. It's a big uncertainty, it's hard to plan," Babiš said. According to the original statements of the Minister of Health, the Johnson & Johnson covid vaccine was to be delivered to the European Union on the 16th of April. A total of three million doses were to arrive to the Union, 13 million in May and 39 million in June. The Czech Republic has ordered a total of two million doses of this single-dose vaccine.

Zoos will receive more money for animal food

80 million crowns are prepared for feeding animals in zoos in the Czech Republic for this year, which is 50 million crowns more than planned. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Environment have agreed on the increase. The operation of zoos has been negatively affected by measures related to the coronavirus pandemic, in particular they lack admission revenues.

People can also help zoos to feed their animals. For example Safari Park in Dvůr Králové offers vouchers called "Invite your animal for lunch" - by paying a bill for daily feeding for selected animals, the safari park will help deal with the consequences of the coronavirus crisis.

Design award for a modular manufacturer

All pictures courtesy of KOMA,

The Vizovice manufacturer of modular systems, Koma Modular, won the Red Dot Design Award 2021 in the Product Design category for its new Fashion Line Relax line. These are prefabricated modules from which it is possible to assemble an object for recreation, business or housing.

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