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Tests for schools stuck in China

The Chinese company Singclean is refusing to send part of the delivery to the company Masanta, which is to deliver five million tests to schools. Masanta belongs to the same group as Good Mask, which manufactures respirators on lines supplied by Taiwan. According to the owner of both companies, Martin Ladyr, the Chinese manufacturer is facing pressure from power groups.

The first 1.5 million tests will be handed over to the administration on Thursday, as Masanta received them from China in advance. The trucks will start delivering the tests to the warehouses in the morning.

From April, the Czech Post will increase the price of its services

From April, recommended and valuable writing and postal orders will become more expensive by five crowns. For example he basic recommended writing will be for 52 crowns. This follows from the information published on the Czech Post website.

Hundreds of Czechs remain stuck abroad due to coronavirus

About five hundred Czech citizens have been stuck abroad due to a positive Covid-19 test or an ordered quarantine. Because of this, they cannot return home at this time. Most Czechs are in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates or the Maldives. With the exception of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, travelers can not return home.

Summer in the Czech Republic

So far, the highest temperature for the 30th of March on Tuesday in the Czech Republic was recorded by more than a quarter of measuring stations. The record fell in 42 places. The hottest was in Kopisty in the Most region, where the thermometer showed 24.6 degrees Celsius. Temperatures of up to 25 degrees Celsius are expected by meteorologists on Wednesday as well, then it is expected to cool down on Good Friday.

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