Wednesday news summary

Nearly 80 thousand people were vaccinated on Tuesday

In recent days, the pace of vaccination has accelerated and since last week it has remained on over 70 thousand vaccinated per day on working days. The record day was Thursday, when healthcare professionals administered 87,682 doses of vaccine. Vaccination began in the Czech Republic at the end of last December. Since then, almost four million doses have been given by Tuesday night. Over one million people are fully vaccinated, it means about a tenth of the population.

The census has ended

The census in the Czech Republic ended at midnight on Tuesday. The Chairman of the Czech Statistical Office, Marek Rojíček, admitted that his institution would still accept the paper forms delivered with a slight delay. The census is important for the whole state administration. It provides an overview, for example, of the number of pupils and students or the size of the municipalities on which the distribution of the budget is based. Anyone who does not submit the completed form or provides inaccurate or incomplete information in it may face a fine of up to 10,000 crowns.

Strong thunderstorms will replace Tuesday's temperature highs

In the north and northeast of the Czech Republic, there is a threat of strong thunderstorms on Wednesday afternoon, occasionally with hail. In combination with melting snow, rain can significantly raise the levels of smaller rivers. Heavy rain and rising levels are threatening in southern Bohemia on Wednesday. Water can rise in the rivers in the Šumava and in the Novohradské Mountains, warns the Czech Hydrometerological Institute (CHMI).

The Czech Nature Photo 2021 photo competition was won by a picture of a blackbird family

The international jury of the Czech Nature Photo competition awarded the title of Photography of the Year to photographer Igor Mikul for a picture called Blackbird. A total of 267 authors entered the competition and submitted 2,300 photographs. The novelty of this year was the Czech Photo Junior, in which over two hundred primary and secondary school pupils applied. The awards ceremony took place online on social networks on Monday; from Tuesday, an exhibition of the pictures of the Czech Nature Photo competition is open in the Czech Photo Center Gallery in Prague's Nové Butovice.