Wednesday news summary

Covid update

There were 5,848 confirmed new cases of coronavirus in the Czech Republic on Tuesday. This is the highest increase in two weeks. Over 25 percent of tests had a positive result, which has been the highest score since the 14th of November. The risk score of the anti-epidemic system PES remains at 64 points. The fourth day is thus above the limit of the fourth level of alert. In the Czech Republic, however, the third degree continues to apply, and the ministry is not yet planning to change it. In the afternoon, deputies will consider another request from the government to extend the state of emergency.

New measures

From Wednesday, restaurants, bars and other dining areas, including service windows, must close at 20:00 at the latest. This is two hours earlier than in the last six days. The new opening time restriction does not apply to food delivery. Alcohol consumption in public is now again prohibited throughout the day. It is forbidden to sell alcohol or snacks on the Christmas markets. According to the government, this is a response to frequent violations of anti-epidemic measures in this sector.

Zeman will meet Duda

President Miloš Zeman will meet the Polish President Andrzej Duda at the Prague Castle today. Due to the epidemic measures, this will be one of the few visits by foreign officials to the Czech Republic this year. During about a 90-minute meeting, the two presidents will discuss mainly European issues, according to experts.

Art Prague Exhibition has started

From Tuesday to Sunday, the 13th of December, the 19th annual exhibition, the Art Prague has been offering works of almost all art disciplines. It takes place in a historic building on Prague's Republic Square near the Kotva department store. A total of 37 gallery exhibitions present paintings, drawings, graphics, sculptures, art glass, installations and video projections. Visitors have the opportunity to see the work of 230 artists across generations, from the youngest adepts to icons of the Czech art scene.