Wednesday News Update

COVID-19 update Less than two thousand people were tested positive on Tuesday. It has been four days since the number was lower than two thousand daily. State of Emergency will probably be set up from Monday, October 5th. The Government is going to have a meeting on Wednesday, September 30th and the decision regarding the Emergency State should be made. Further measures will follow.

Roman Prymula, the Minister of Health said that there will be new restrictions valid soon, probably from Monday, October 5th. There will be a new limit of ten people for the indoor activities and twenty people for the outdoor ones.

People will be allowed to travel to Saxony, Germany without going to quarantine after but the stay cannot be longer than 24 hours. For the people coming from Saxony to Czechia, the limit has been set to 48 hours. Czech Republic still stays on Germany’s list of risky countries.

From Monday, October 5th, high schools and universities will start distance learning in the majority of the Czech Republic. Distance learning should help to decrease the growing number of the people tested positive. It will be set up in the areas, which are orange or red on the map. Robert Plaga, the Minister of Education admitted that this restriction might be valid for longer two weeks.

Half less people than usual are going to study abroad in the Erasmus program. The studying programs are cancelled or postponed by the both the students and universities due to the risk of COVID-19. The students whose programs were not canceled will have to sign a statement about they are aware of the risk.

Orban asked Jourová to resign Hungarian Prime Minister required resignation of Věra Jourová, the Czech Vice-President of the European Commission. The reason was that Věra Jourová was talking about “the illness of the Hungarian democracy.“ Ursula von de Leyen, the President of the Europian Commission said that Věra Jourová has her full support and that the answer to Orban’s letter is being prepared.

Constitutional officials refused the violence in Belarus Tomáš Petříček, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said that the top constitutional officials refused the violence that is happening in Belarus, where people protest against the August presidential elections. He also said the officials supported the sanctions of the EU against the Belarusian regime.

The law which makes building of the road faster The Chamber of Deputies submitted their version of the law, which would make the building of the highways and the other roads much faster. According to the Government, the law should make the work one-third faster, but this would also make the process of the land purchasing faster. If the state buys land from people, the owners should get one and half times more than the experts estimation of the price is.