What's that good boy's name?

Last year, there was a total of 86,033 dogs in Prague - that is 2,736 more than in 2018. Which breeds and names are the most popular?

According to Prague City Hall's data, every fifth dog in the capital is a mutt (18,788). The most common breeds are Yorkshire Terriers (8,081), Dachshunds (4,903), Labrador Retrievers (3,874), German Shepherds (3,255), Chihuahuas (2,656), and Poodles (2,655).

Among the most popular dog names are Ben (2,008), Max (1,553), and Rony (1,100) for males, and Bára (1,496), Bety (1,423), and Nely (1,199) for females.

It is said that the Czechs are a nation of dog owners and that we have the largest number of dogs per capita (at least) in Europe. According to the latest estimates, there is a total of two million dogs (and one million cats) in the Czech Republic.