Who's the secret man who "saved the country" in March?

"In March, someone came with a mathematical model. Then, he came again in August...," said the Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) at a press conference a week ago.

Since then, media were searching for this man who brought the prognosis and according to the high polititians, he saved the country in March.

His name is Pavel Řehák and he is the CEO of an insurance company. In March, he wanted to make a plan for his company and decided to create a model in an excell table. Looking at Italy at that time, that was closing businesses and closing up people at homes and Řehák wanted to know when the same scenario would come to the Czech Republic.

He created a prediction based on information from the crisis in other countries and he was shocked. The prognosis said that the Italian scenario would come here in just a month. He had decided to show it to the government. He tought that they would already have the information but he was the only one. Based on his prognosis, the government started acting. However, Řehák wanted to stay anonymous so no one mentioned him. Finally he decided to speak up and give an interview for a book called the Pandemic written by journalists Michal Kubal (Česká televize) a Vojtěch Gibiš (Televize Seznam).